Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photo Essay - The Color of Volunteering

The Color Of Volunteering
 When people think of races and events they usually don't think about the other side of it. Who came up with it, who helped, and why they helped.Volunteering is a way to give back to the community and feel good about yourself and others by giving them a memory. This photo essay tells a story of how one may see through the eyes of a volunteer the works of making events like these happen. This event shows the transition of clean to colored and is in the perspective of how a volunteer my feel and think in this environment. 

(The beginning) The set up of the race
(Getting pumped) The volunteers come together before sent off to work
(The wait) Getting the color power ready
(The test) Give the runners a taste of what they're getting
-PORTRAIT- (Boredom) waiting to begin
-PORTRAIT- (Prepare) Getting ready to throw
(The race) Kids are now off
-LEAD PHOTO- (The first hit) Kids first dose of color
(Color) Volunteers now endorse color 
-THE SIGNATURE- (Become one) Coloring ourselves
(The betrayal) Coloring other volunteers
(End scan) First runner to Finnish
(Last breath) Few more steps
(Colored 1) Volunteers throwing color at kids
(Colored 2)  Volunteers throwing color at kids
(Colored 3)  Volunteers throwing color at kids
(The clean) Clean parents wait for their dirty kids
-THE SCENE- (Crowd) Parents wait for kids at finnish
(Break) volunteers take break
(Yellow) Wanting to get clean
(Aftermath) The result of shoes
(Volunteer) Badge lost and forgotten on ground
(The wait) Waiting to be told what to do next
(The clean up) Packing everything up to go
(The put down) The scene of once a place full of people
(The talking) Taking a break and chatting
(The stored) Stacking items to take away
(Ends meet) final touches of putting things back
(To carry) Worker shows what he's been through and still caries on
(holding up) The very last thing to do
(The outcome) A final good bye for a good memory

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