Wednesday, January 27, 2016


                The reason why I chose to do photo 1 is the interest it takes me when I look back at old photos that I made and appreciate them. The biggest thing I learned in taking this class is to go outside the box and think where no one else could comprehend. I think photography has helped me learn of who I truly am from appearance, thoughts, and Ideas. A big challenge wasn't liking some of my pictures that I thought I could do way better on, and keep trying until I find the one that suits. Out of all the projects I loved experimenting with light, such as the dramatic light project, and had a fun time setting everything up to make it look good. I would like to redo my macro and rule of thirds projects because I feel as if I self the least amount of time on them.
                Some of my favorite symbolism in my final project is to never stop thinking and don't get stuck in the past. These pictures are not pictures of what I feel, but want I want to feel and learn from. If by chance anyone looked at my pictures I would guess they could feel a bit of darkness thats full of strange colors.
                What I would tell to all the future photo 1 takers is to never lack creativity and go beyond the unexpected that no one would think of you by. Another thing is to take as much time as they need to set up everything to make the picture look great and don't worry if the assignment will be late because of that.

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